Dr Gautham Lakshmipriya Vetrivendan Dr Arunkarthick

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

By Dr. Arun Karthick Instagram What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital money, whereas the money we are currently using is Centralized. By centralized, I mean everything is monitored and controlled by Banks and Government. This is solved in decentralized cryptocurrency.  You may have heard currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. But there are more than …

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A Brief about Occupational English Test

By Dr. Balaji Jayaraman Instagram Linkedin What is OET? OET means Occupational English Test, which could be taken by Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care related professionals. Why OET to other English exams? Though OET has a similar exam pattern to ielts ,it is preferred by health care professionals because the exam focuses on …

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