By Dr. Vincil Jito

      The busy lifestyle of a medical student/doctor has left few spaces for any  other books to lay our hands on .Its been a long time since I read a non fiction and very recently I had the privilege to read the book SAPIENS by Yuval Noah Harari.

        The book traces the history of our species back from foragers to the MODERN man .The more we read the more we realise that there is a huge blind spot in the history of mankind that are yet to be filled . Great mysteries yet to be unlocked.

       We read History with the hope that we could find some repeating patterns of events so that we can predict our future. But a great deal of what happened in our past are mere coincidences. So all that is left for us is an endless horizon of possibilities ahead of us .

As Bilbo sings ,

         I sit beside the fire and think

          Of people long ago

      And people who will see a world

         That I never know .   _J.R.R. Tolkien

All we can do is to wonder at the path our ancestors had taken and to be hopeful about our future.

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