Short Intro about Stock Market

By Dr. Gautham Lakshmipriya Vetrivendan

It’s basically like a market where you go and purchase things you need.

So to purchase things you need, you will spend your money.

Here you spend your money considering it as an investment by buying the shares of the company, as the name says once you purchase the shares of the company you will become the share holder of that company. As the value of the company goes up/down the money which you have invested will follow the same.

Inflation rate in India is 5.3% – 7% i.e.)  we will have to grow our hard earned money at least by 5.3% – 7% per year, if we fail to do so, the money will depreciate in its value.

So to overcome this we will look into opportunities to grow our money. One such investment is to invest in stock market.

But since investing in stock market is like a double edged sword, you will either make profits or losses, therefore we will have to gain proper knowledge about the pros and cons before investing.

Here in this stock segment of drtellsyou , we will make things easier for you to understand about the fundamentals and technicality  before you start investing, so it might be easier for you to grow your money beyond the inflation rate.

                                                                                     Thank you

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