The Palace of Illusions

By Dr. Nivetha Purushothaman

What was your opinion about Draupadi on your first encounter ? A disgraceful women , wife of five men who initiated the mahabaratha war due to her sheer vengeance.

What a shame to have believed all the cooked up stories. Until I stumbled upon this gem of a book “THE PALACE OF ILLUSIONS” which talks through the lens of Draupadi , a modern day feminist.

Mahabharatam has influenced me like no other and Draupadi’s character stands out. I always saw her as someone who was fearless in voicing her opinion unlike Sita who was more on the submissive side. 

If someone as poignant and royal like Draupadi could be forced to accept five men as husbands when she married only one , imagine the plight of other women with lesser opportunities having to forgo their dreams for the benefit of their families.

 Many believe Draupadi to be the cause of the great Mahabaratha war. 

Can you even imagine any woman to suffer disrobing, gambling , being objectified by their husbands , losing all her kith and kin and still seek peace ?

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